Rhinoplasty Los Angeles

In cosmetic surgery, correcting the build or the shape of the nose requires a procedure commonly referred to as a “nose job” with the medical term being Rhinoplasty in LA. With the nose being the most prominent feature of the face, when there are abnormalities, whether it is too small or too big, the whole face is negatively affected. When a person’s nose is too big it tends to dominate the entire face, causing the eyes to appear beady and unattractive. More over, a large nose makes the mouth and chin appear too small for the face.

Opting to have Rhinoplasty in LA, can reinvent the whole appearance of a face because with the right size nose the symmetry of the face is instantly corrected and improved. Keep in mind that the procedure will vary between genders. Masculine features are stronger and much more pronounced than a woman’s is; therefore, the “nose job” would have to be tailored to each individual person according to gender and other criteria. Jsut some of the criteria what will determine the best dimensions for each persons nose being bone structure, type of skin, the overlay of tissue, cartilage and how each of them correlate to the entire make-up of the face.

No matter what the reason one chooses to undergo Rhinoplasty in LA, the key to being satisfied with the results is going into the process with realistic expectations. Typically before and after photos are examined at the initial consultation, so that both the patient and doctor can get an idea of what the patient desires. This first consultation is the ideal time to ask any pertinent questions about the procedure and what to expect before, during and, most importantly, after.

There are certain vital things a patient should do moving forward with the Rhinoplasty in LA procedure. Namely, ask any and all questions; understand and follow the instructions for preparing for the operation, as well as after; obtain necessary prescription before undergoing surgery; and be sure to have a clear understanding of when you can resume normal activity, i.e., exercise or sunbathing. As long as instructions are followed, all that is left for the patient is to watch their brand new and improved nose emerge once the swelling has gone down.