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Vaser Liposuction – Body Contouring at It’s Best

In the world of cosmetic surgery, non invasive methods are increasing in popularity at an explosive rate, and vaser liposuction, which is basically seen as ‘the new kid on the block’, is being touted as an effective fat-eradicating process. Vaser liposuction in Los Angeles is a highly developed surgical procedure which has only been practiced within the last decade.

Potential trauma to the surrounding body tissue is what has kept many people from choosing liposuction in the past. As a result of the astounding techniques used in vaser liposuction in Los Angeles, pain and general discomfort are at an all-time low, and patients usually walk in for the surgery and than walk out after the surgery in completed. And if that wasn’t enough, it is one of the only cosmetic procedures where an individual can remain fully conscious throughout the entire surgery, as no incisions are actually made, as is done in standard liposuction procedures.

The Science Behind It All

Basically the process of vaser liposuction in Los Angeles is a combination of patented technology and advanced surgical techniques, which uses ultrasound technology to break up and flush out fat within the body, with practically no side effects. The procedure starts with the injecting of a tumescent liquid. Then a small vaser probe is inserted, the frequencies cause bubbles in the injected fluid to rapidly expand then shrink, resulting in the breaking apart of fatty tissue. Once the fat is broken up, it emulsifies into the liquid and this makes the removal quite easy. A small suction instrument is used as a suction device to extract the fatty tissue. The tightly woven cells of blood vessels are impervious to the fluid used in this operation; therefore, it is impossible for it to harm veins, arteries and other connective tissues.

Although patients can still experience minor bruising around the area being worked on, any uncomfortable sensations experienced, is definitely a far cry from what patients would normally have to endure with the traditional liposuction procedure.

So what are the benefits of having a vaser liposuction done as opposed to traditional liposuction? Vaser uses state of the art ultrasound technology which unlike previous ultrasound procedures delivers treatment with much less intensity to the tissues. Vaser liposuction is tissue- selective and as a result, provides a much more uniform result, decreases blood loss and achieves excellent skin retraction post operation.

Traditionally, liposuction techniques were primarily only successful on general areas which were easily accessed, such as buttocks, waist, belly and chest. With vaser liposuction in Los Angeles, fat can be easily removed from any part of the body, including love handles, chin, and knees, arms, legs and so on, while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed and intact. The exact procedure used easily allows for increased precision on the part of the surgeon. The surgeon can now safely access small pockets of fatty tissue hidden in sensitive areas, thus allowing for a more contoured result. Vaser liposuction is a surgical procedure which should be only used for body contouring, as it is not recommended for persons wanting to lose weight.

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