Breast Augmentation Los Angeles

Breast Augmentation Changing You – Changing Your Life

Have you been thinking about breast augmentation breast implants? Are you wondering if you should undergo this process for yourself? There are tons of reasons for having this type of surgery, ranging from reconstructive surgery after an accident, there are women who have suffered jokes because their chest is flat, some women’s breasts are asymmetrical for genetic reasons, There are also women who want their breasts to look better for professional reasons or just to feel better about themselves, which is probably the most important reason. As women get older, unfortunately, gravity causes breasts to sag, women who have breastfed may have lost some of their original shape.

As you talk to your Board Certified Surgeon about your Breast Augmentation  Implants, you will be needing to make several decisions before surgery. You will need to decide what type of implant fill you want: saline or silicone, you will need to decide on the surface: textured or smooth and you will need to decide on the shape: round or teardrop. There are some long term strategies related to these decisions and your surgeon can help.

What is the difference between saline and silicone Breast Augmentation  Implants.
Saline implants are usually implanted empty and the doctor is certain it is in the proper place. When everything looks good, then the sterile saline solution is inserted into the implant. This way, the desired shape is more readily achieved. Many models who go this route choose to use a double lumen, or double bagging system, to insure against leakage. In the instance of the silicone implants, times are changing. Whereas at one time they were used with a greasy silicone filling, now a silicone gel is being used. This option seems to reduce the chance of wrinkles. The FDA is currently working on allowing a new silicone filling that is like a marshmallow or gummy bear consistency, which would have almost no concerns of leakage.

The types of decisions needed cannot be made independently by the patient. This must be done in consultation with a Board Certified Surgeon. It might even be a wise idea to get a second opinion before you have the Breast Augmentation Implants surgery. Whatever you decide to do, good luck.